Your new start page (examples)

There are many layouts to choose one for your start page. It can be changed at any time.


With your new start page, you have access to all your links from any internet pc. The focus is on privacy - your favorite links belong to you, and to you only. Other users do not have access to your links.

To avoid usage by third parties, you can log out with just one click and your start page is locked until you log in again. At home or in the office, the logout may not be necessary. Your browser saves your access data for thirty days, so that you have to log in after 30 days, in case you haven't been using the start page for a long time.

The layout

In the upper left corner, you can place a picture or logo. The upper middle section contains the search function for the internet services you search most often. An example - to look for handbags at Ebay, just type "handbags" and click the "Ebay" button.

The rest of the page is reserved for your favorite links, separated into categories. All links stored can be hidden and shown on demand, so that only those links are visible that you are currently working with.

Easy handling

Your categories and links can be hidden or shown with just a few clicks, as well as your search functions. You can easily create your own categories and search functions, or choose from preset entries.


Your new start page is completely free.